51+ Teenage Room Ideas (Best Color & Accessories)

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Teenage Room Ideas – Whether you have an upbeat teens or reserved one, you still need to fulfill their needs. One of the most basic needs every human has is a privacy. Your teens also need privacy, especially in their room. But how to decorate their rooms in the right way?

Teens can be a little difficult when it comes to make them satisfied about something. To decorate their rooms, you will need to make a clear plan and this is including a mood board. Before you go down to purchase the stuff or paint for the wall, you will need to sketch what to buy, which color to use as the main room color, etc. Now that you have a little vision of how to start decorating your teens room, you may also need to read some useful tips we have down below.

What is the good color for teenage room?

what is the good color for teenage room

The good color for the teenagers cannot be determined. Most of them choose any color or even multiple colors for their room. It might be because of their personality development or it might be because they just want to do it a little bit more explorative.

For some parents it can be confusing to decide what colors that are good enough for their teens. The best strategy is to ask them right away. Therefore, there are some inspirations for you to read so you can also help them decide which color is the best one.

For Upbeat Teens:

Navy Teenage Room Ideas

What is the good color for?

Navy is the shade of blue that is quite bold. You can mix up the navy color with white and black, or even yellow. For an upbeat teens with passion for music, tech, etc, you can start to look up for any shades of navy color for the room.

Red Teenage Room Ideas

teenage decorating ideas for small rooms

Red color for a room is not very common but even so, it’s not impossible. The color can uplift everyone’s mood and gives the sense of warmth at the same time. It is also for ambitious teens that is achieving their goals.

Orange Teenage Room Ideas

teenage room

Orange is the color of the shining sun. For that reason, painting the room in this color could bring out joyousness. It would be great for the teens who’s in need of an optimism.

Lime Green Teenage Room Ideas

room ideas girl

The refreshing lime green is not just exuberant but also stress-reducing. For the teens that have a lot of activities outside the house, they might love this lime green color theme for their rooms.

Pink Teenage Room Ideas

Pink Bedroom for Teen

This girly color is mostly for girls. Pink is fun, energetic and ambitious. You can mix the color of pink with golden decorations for more elegant result, or try pastel colors to make it more subtle.

For More Reserved Teens:


 room decor ideas

When your teens love to read books or make artworks, you would surprise them with lavender color theme room. This color is super relaxing and definitely could support their passion in books and artworks.

Soft Green

decoration for girl

Soft green has the same base color with lime green, but lime green is more cheerful. Soft green color theme room would be perfect for teens that need refreshing color tone yet appeasing.


girl room decoration ideas

The neutral color will never disappoint for any teens that prioritize simplicity. You can mix white with any color. Pastel colors such as baby blue, dusty pink, bright yellow, soft green, creme, and lilac. White also look great with black, grey, navy, dark green, or maroon.


girl room color ideas

The shades of grey would be perfect for the teenagers who are more private. Dark color gives the sense of privacy and security. If you decide to paint the wall with any shade of grey, avoid painting the same color both on the ceiling and floor.

Deep blue

 game room ideas

Most of the time, deep blue is correlated with navy blue as the same color while both are actually different. Deep blue is more soothing than navy blue. Therefore, it would be perfect for your teens that need calming atmosphere in their room.

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Things to consider in decorating teenage room

things to consider in decorating room

Once you have decided which color for the teen’s room, step two is to understand that there are several things to know about things you may need to consider to decorate the room. The three points to consider are important to understand seeing that many parents would forget the aspects that make the room comfortable to stay.

Their bedroom is an expression of who they are

Teenagers mostly still have the child-like spirit that lingers in their mind. The memories of their childhood will not fade away anytime soon. Hence, their bedroom should represent this spirit; fun but also support them toward the upper stage of their lives. Teens that love to play music should have music theme decoration for their room. Those who love to write or read books, should have a special bookcase for their mini-library.

The room should be a multi-purpose room

Multi-purpose room allow the teens to do many things more effectively. They don’t need another room to do several things that could be done in short time. Say: studying while chilling with friends. Studying can be a little hard if the environment is not supportive enough. For some teens, chilling with friends can reduce stress while they also do the study. Just add a console game and a LCD tv next to their study space. This also can teach them to be responsible with their school and social life.

Do bold design on the wall!

Fun interior design is exciting. It will definitely uplift your teen’s mood after school. One of the basic strategies to consider is to do a bold design on the wall. Decide what kind of design you would put into the wall and which wall you would use as the focal point. There are options to explore; mural wall, paintings, hanging shelves for book lovers, hanging electric guitars or old vinyls for musicians, or team jerseys for athletes.

Why do you need to decor your teenage room?

How to decor teenage room to support their education and passion

Now that you’re ready to dig in more into “decorating” stuff, there are also some tips for parents and teens about how to keep the room organized. Keeping the room well-organized make the activities that teens do inside the room more effective. Studying will feel easier in a clean room than a messy room. Your teen’s friends would definitely love to hang out in the room that smells good than smells like dirty socks.

Map your room out

To organize the room, the very first thing to do is to re-organize by mapping the room. Grab a pencil and a paper and start sketching! Decide where you want to put your bed, desk, console, bookcase etc. This way, you will have an early vision to before the actual work.

Clean out excess stuff, or…

Pick up stuff you don’t need and store it to the house storage. Maybe you will need them one day, but you don’t need them right now. For the stuff that you no longer use or have been broken, you can throw them away.

Give things you don’t need or want

Or simply give the stuff you no longer use to anyone that needs it. Think about charity, or maybe your sibling–as long as the stuff are still in good condition.

Take all of your dirty clothes to the laundry (or wash them yourself)!

Dirty clothes are the enemy to the clean room. Once you have the habit to postpone put the dirty clothes right to the washing machine, you will have the entire room messy and smells bad.

Get organized

Clean up the mess by putting away books, magazines, toys, clothes, makeup sets, school clutters, or whatever thing you decide to keep in your room.

Maintain a clean room!

This habit needs a moderate level of discipline. To maintain a room to be always clean and well-organized is not hard nor easy. You have to give yourself a pep-talk that this is what you need to be responsible, to have a nice room to study and do your hobbies, and to sleep well at night.

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Must-have accessories for your teenage room

 Room Idea

Decorating the room will never be enough without include the awesome accessories. But most of the time, we can be a little confused about which accessories should we purchase. These are some options you can consider for the teen’s room.


teenage room ideas for guys

An artwork can give a whole different atmosphere to the room. You need to be a little careful in choosing the best one for your teen’s room. Understand what is their passion and talk to them about it. Your teen would definitely love to give some hints of what kind of artwork would they love to hang on their wall.

A Comfortable Rug

room color ideas

A comfortable rug would be a great accessory for the room, especially in winter when you have tiled floor. Besides that, a nice material rug would beautify the room interior. Find one with a color that matches the wall but contrasts the floor.

A Desk and a comfortable chair

teenage room decorating ideas for small rooms

To help your teens studying better, you would purchase for a nice desk and a comfortable chair. Consider it as a long-term health investment. An uncomfortable desk and chair could give a serious health risk such as shoulder pain and a headache.

A corner for your hobby(ies)!

 room ideas pinterest

We have talked about the importance of multi-purpose bedroom. Now you would need to spare the room for hobbies. Whether it’s painting, playing musical instruments, reading books, you would definitely a corner for your passion.

Wall hooks and/or shelves

room ideas for small rooms

Wall hooks and shelves are highly functional to keep the clutter organized. Just make sure that you don’t install to many wall hooks and shelves.

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Teenage Room decorating ideas for small rooms

For the small-sized house, decorating a room can be a little frustrating. But there are some tricks you can do to make the room feels spacious.

Paint the wall light colors

room ideas tumblr

By painting the wall with light colors, you will get an instant result of the sense of a spacious room. The light color you can choose is not only white. Think about pastel colors; baby pink, baby blue, cream, bright yellow, soft green etc.

Use space saving furniture or the transparent one

 room theme ideas

Space saving furniture is undoubtedly a saviour for small room owners. Think about a bed that has drawers built in. How many clothes you can store in there and how much space you would free by throwing away your old closet. But space saving furniture is not the only one. Transparent material furniture also can give you the sense of bigger space.

Keep low to the ground

teenage room ideas tumblr

Instead of buying the tall furniture, you should need to keep it lower. Low furniture give more space up to the ceiling. So it gives the illusion trick to our eyes and gives the sense of spaciousness we need.

Use mirror for optical illusion

room ideas 2019

This is no secret that mirror can be used to make a room feels bigger. Purchase a tall mirror and lean it to the wall or hang it on instead.

Coordinate vertically or horizontally

room ideas diy

By coordinating your room in either vertical or horizontal way you will get the furniture into a rhythm. Avoid to mix the vertical with horizontal lines, or it will look messed up.

No dark drapes!

chill out room ideas

Dark drapes give the feeling of “fullness” that you want to keep away from the room. If you really need to use drapes on the windows, try to find light materials such as chiffon or lace. If it’s not an urgency, do not use drapes at all.

Use a light colored, simple patterned sheet or quilt

teenage room organization ideas

Sheet takes a big portion of the room vision. Therefore, choosing light colored sheet could help you to achieve a sense of a bigger room.

Keep everything simple!

teenage room ideas 2018

Last but not least, keep everything simple, or in other words: do minimalism! Spare the space by throwing the excess stuff, buy minimalist furniture, pick the monochromatic color. By keeping things simple, your room would feel capacious.

Thematic Teenage Girl Room Ideas

Thematic room idea is another way to start decorating your teen’s room. It depends on their personalities. For the upbeat teens, you can try eclectic room, and for more reserved teens, you can try vintage. Furthermore, here are some ideas for thematic girls room.

Eclectic style

teenage room wall ideas

The rule to achieve eclectic style is to simply put any furniture you love into a room. Try to think of 3-5 different shades of colors and stick to it. This theme is great for teen girls that are energetic and explorative.

More Pictures:

Vintage style

 girl room ideas turquoise

Vintage feels more reserved and introverted. Your girls might need a calming room so that a vintage theme can be applied. Play with 2-3 soft colors and vintage style furniture to get the best result.

Minimalist style

 rec room ideas

Minimalist style is for them who needs nothing but simplicity. Think about 1-2 shades of color that is not white or black, and 1-2 kind of materials for overall furniture. This way you will get the sense of simplicity.

More Pictures:

Artist Room

 room ideas for small rooms

The artist thematic room is for the teens who strive to be one. There is no rule for this theme, but putting more art into the room. Just be careful, you would need to have a very spacious room otherwise the chemical content in the paint can give a serious health risk.

Musician Room

 room furniture ideas

The same as the artist room, there is no special rule for the musician themed room. One importing to note down is that if you decide to play a musical instrument in your room, you might also need to install the sound silencer acoustical wall to prevent your neighbor from banging the door.

Thematic Teenage Boy room ideas

Not only girls, boys also would love to have a thematic room as they please. Thematic room is very personal, most teens would just put away their personal stuff and eventually it ends up messy. For that reason, here are some ideas for you as an inspiration.

Industrial style

unique room ideas

This style is inspired by the aesthetic of industrial building interior. The brick wall, metal furniture, dark color tones, everything that resonance the industrial atmosphere.

Minimalist style

teenage room christmas decorations

Boys would love the minimalism thematic room too. Most of them would be glad to see their room as simple as possible. Many boys only need to have a bed, a desk and a closet in their room without any excess accessories.

Athlete Room

teenage basketball room ideas

For the athletes, the athlete thematic room inspiration would be a great way to start decorating. Try to hang the artwork that represents your boy hobby in sport or buy the color that screams their favorite team.

Scandinavian style

teenage ideas with bunk beds

The rule for scandinavian style is first, to be minimalist by not putting too much stuff in the room. Second, use nature design furniture such as wooden table, wooden chair, etc.Third, go for white and 2 other colors. Fourth, stay with cozy furniture. Scandinavian style is all about being cozy and simple.

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Beach themed

 hangout room ideas

The beach thematic room would be perfect for boys who love the beaches. Whether they love to surf, fish the fish, or simply love the wave on the shore, beach themed would make them excited. Try to use any shade of blue as the base color. Add some yellow or oranges that represent the sun.

Boho Teenage Room Ideas

Tapestry Teenage Room Ideas




Decorating your teenagers room can be a little bit arduous. But by doing that, it means you support their school life and passion so they could be a better version of themselves. Discussing about the right color means you give them a chance to make their own choice. Purchasing stuff for decoration means you give them responsibilities to keep and maintain.


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