33 Romantic Bedroom Ideas (Essentials & Best Colour)

Romantic Bedroom Ideas – Thinking of redesigning a bedroom or setting up the new one, one would think of the color schemes or room layouts. Not to mention, some choices on the beds, chairs or cupboards would be taken into account. One prefers setting up a room with some soft touches while others prefer rustic style, depending on your taste.

The following bedroom design ideas would surely give you a look on how to enhance your very personal space. A bedroom design reflects its owner’s personality. Most would adore some romantic touches in the room, most especially if the room is designed for newlyweds or couples. After all, the most important part of the design should be about comfort and intimacy. It is a bedroom anyway – where one wants to be indulged after one long tiring day.

Romantic Bedroom Essentials

Romantic Bedroom Essentials
Source : https://www.houzz.com

What make a bedroom romantic? There are five essentials that will always work when designing an amorous and personal space. Dim lighting and soft color theme would never fail its magic to turn a room into having a warm and personal ambience. It creates just the right color to put you into stress-free sleep.

Adjusted lighting

Dim light would be what you opt for when you are about to have a night’s sleep. But some would just want to adore their room or read some novels, so adjusting your lights is the best way to either boost your productivity or relax your mind. Lighting is the most essential factor in designing a room, so keep your room properly lit with overhead, accent and task lighting. The best option for light bulb color temperature is soft white or warm and yellow, the typical color range from incandescent bulbs. This light gives a warm and cozy feeling and is often best for your romantic bedrooms.

Soft color wall

To adjust with warm and yellow lighting, soft color wall such as the pale hues combined with other soft shades. Its combination creates romantic and light-filled spaces. Such colors such as lilac, cream, and blush, for example, are a sweetly radiant combination that brightens even the darkest rooms. An alternative to this is also pair soft colors with strong shades, because the contrast makes both more vivid. Soft shades look as if they’ve been saturated with white paint, which gives a sense of intimacy.

Fabric matters (bedding)

Bedding set is the face of a bedroom. One sees around the room to see the unity and wholeness of the room. But, one would stare the bed and its make-up for his first sight. Thus, making up a bedroom with soft linen or cotton materials is what it takes to elevate the level of romanticism of a bedroom. For the motive, it is now up to your taste. It is either neutral color or flowery pattern depending on your ultimate preference.

Accented curtain

One alternative to create a romantic touch in your bedroom is to add an accented curtain. Accent color curtain can also be used to match accent wall. A curtain, when perfectly put in the right place with the right color and shape enhances the mood of the room. A dark accent curtain superbly fits the soft color wall, while the neutral color ones would also match the entire bedroom no matter the color you choose.

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Setting up your own romantic bedroom

Setting Up Your Own Romantic Bedroom
By : West Elm UK

A romantic bedroom is the epicenter of a relationship. This is why we should put much effort in designing a romantic bedroom for its power to give some space for intimacy. Love may start anywhere but when it comes to bedroom, that is what love is blossoming. Here are some ways to set up your own romantic bedroom.

A. Start with bedding

The word ‘bedroom’ starts with ‘bed’ in it. So, let’s start with bedding – fabric, color and its accessories. Pick some comfortable and the best linen for bedcover, bedsheets, pillows and bolsters. Who would be pampered with fluffy pillows. Once your skin touches it, you’ll sleep like a log.

B. Enhance with fragrance

Sweet or floral fragrance assuredly creates an intimacy. Who would not be seduced with fragrance? Some ideas to create this would be spreading rose petals on the floor or bed. Even spraying some fragrant perfume is a good deal, too.

C. Unclutter your space

You might have your storage cluttered with some unused stuff. It is not intimate at all. If you happen to see any unused things in your bedroom and no space for the couple to relax. Then, it is time to unclutter. Get rid of some unused stuff, organise the layout of your furniture and simple yet romantic bedrooms is barely created.

D. Adjust your light

Use soft glow bedside lamps or groups of tea lights in pretty safe holders to create the mood. Soft white is a much more romantic color which can be used for bedside lamp. Remember that lighting is all what it takes to make the room cozier and look calm.

The Best Color for your Romantic Bedroom

Making the best romantic bedroom should not always be about putting rose petals on the floor or having flowery pattern on your bedding sheet. It can be done by painting the colors that match with your taste onto the wall your bedroom. Here are some colors you can choose from to make the most of its combination with the tones of your chosen furniture and decorations.

Red accents

The best color for your romantic bedroom

For your man, red can be a great color you can choose when it comes to style up your romantic bedroom. In this design, you can find how brick red can match creamy white. What makes this room look more captivating is its ceiling which comes with the combination of red and creamy white. This accent fits the mattress and bedding color. The wood flooring enhances the bedroom’s intimacy. Such element balances the red color brings to the room.

Brown tones

Brown Tones
By : David Mills Custom Homes

A peaceful and serene ambience this room has for its neutral tone wall, making it a great choice of a romantic set up of a bedroom. Neutral colors might need classic yet boring. Giving a touch of bold color in the bedroom is better. There is always room for splashes of color in your life, but there are a lot of good reasons to stick with a neutral color scheme for your interior design. As seen in the room, some bold colors are in some little accessories, but neutral colors still dominate – classic and everlasting, elegant yet romantic.


The best color for your romantic bedroom
By : Nicola O’Mara Interior Design

Black or dark background for your bedroom? It may sound extreme, but it might work just like magic, turning your bedroom into an intimate and mysterious room. As black is a bold color, you might want to go bolder by choosing some ornaments and furniture that accentuates the color.


The best color for your romantic bedroom
By : Tina Mellino- ZIA INTERIORS

Want to show some accents of playfulness? This room is for those who love anything with all shades of purple. The headboard and rug pattern lives up to the expectations of a couple wanting some warm and cozy bedroom. This room is an eminent choice for anyone who wants to add some romantic flair into a room, bringing in intrigue and definite romance.


The best color for your romantic bedroom
Source : https://www.thesleepjudge.com

Having a teal background makes the room feel vibrant and alive. The romantic feeling is aroused as this color radiates boldness and freshness. A room with teal background setting as it can match with any kinds of accessories, either soft or bold colors. This room has a touch of soft colors on its decor, making the room a romantic chamber for a couple.

Flowery accents

The best color for your romantic bedroom
By : LLI Design

Floral accents suit your feminine taste. Although your spouse would demand something more manly touches in the room, flowery accents on only some accessories will brighten up the romantic dash. This room is not mainly dominated by flower patterns, some plain bright color accessories and soft wall paint wrap the whole theme in warm romance.

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Accesories to make the room look magically romantic

Accesories to make the room look magically romantic
Source : unsplash.com

There are some accessories you can use to make your room as romantic as you wish. It suits the taste of couples longing for warm and intimate nights. Some would just put in these accessories no matter what furniture they have in the bedroom. Check some amorous items below to furnish your lovely bedroom.

Table lamp

Accesories to make the room look magically romantic
By : Chango & Co.

One accessories you can add to the corner of your bedroom is a table lamp. Just next to your bedroom, a table lamp with adjusted lights can be the right choice. The choice of a table lamp depends on the theme of your bedroom. This white lamp table would fit your soft color wall room and adds elegance to your room. Think of adjusting your lights to dim? Then you seem to be ready for your special nights.

Floral headboard

Accesories to make the room look magically romantic

Your floral headboard accentuates would accentuate your bedroom. As flowers symbolise good positive vibes, floral prints on the headboard are good choice when it comes to making your room a picturesque space. Floral headboard injected with cerise and purple tones looks adorable.

Soft and fluffy bedding set

Accesories to make the room look magically romantic
By : Kaleidoscope Designs Inc.

Who could resist the temptation of white soft fluffy bed? It is just as resistible as your love. Be ready to enhance your all-white bedding set with more romantic items such as candles or flowers. The centre of this room is the fur bed cover, making all romance possibly ends on the bed.

Flower vase

Accesories to make the room look magically romantic
By : Julie Rhodes Interiors

The simplest way to add elegant and romantic side of the room is the addition of flower vase. This flower vase would be just a little thing enhancing what should look romantic in the room. You might want to choose some fresh flowers to be put in a vase, but the plastic one would create such a romantic dream.

Bright sofa

Accesories to make the room look magically romantic
By : The Ancon Group

Furry bedcover

Accesories to make the room look magically romantic
Source : https://www.thebudgetdecorator.com

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Romantic bedroom ideas for newlyweds

Romantic bedroom ideas for newlyweds
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First thing first for newlyweds is the idea that both should implement both tastes in setting up their most favorite room – bedroom. As newlyweds, you might want to work on some romantic ideas that suit both tastes. Accepting differences should be prioritised to create harmony in family, thus making decisions would be a lot easier.

These newlyweds bedroom design ideas help couple decides to enjoy their life together in a new atmosphere. Listening to your spouse’s ideas and opinions make you feel more comfortable in your own bedroom. Collaborate with your spouse to create a homey and romantic bedroom.

Thematic colors that excite!

Romantic bedroom ideas for newlyweds
Source : https://www.impressiveinteriordesign.com

Why not go bold with exciting colors to be integrated in the room? This color scheme creates a feeling of sophistication. Burgundy, gold, and a rich violet are colors that you want to apply to add excitement to your room. The choice of these colors surely enhances the sensuality and romance.

Lover’s space

Romantic bedroom ideas for newlyweds
Source : https://www.impressiveinteriordesign.com

If you have one spacious room for your master bedroom, allocate some space for your personal corner. It can be a sofa in the corner or a vast changing room that would give some space for each of you.

Bed as a focus

Romantic bedroom ideas for newlyweds
Source : https://www.impressiveinteriordesign.com

This room is a great choice for newlyweds as it has white and soft grey accents that make the room look spacious. The focus of this design is the bed itself, with best soft linen used for its bedding, the bed is very much inviting for the couples to spend their quality time together.


Romantic bedroom ideas for newlyweds
By : Rachel Reider Interiors

This room has green color scheme that would not be a mainstream choice for couples to be applied in their bedroom. But, why bother being basic when it can be enhanced with some decors. To start your first night, you may want to light candle put on your bedroom. The ideas of putting candles on your bed might require much effort, but it would be worth it after knowing it might lighten your relationship more.

Romantic bedroom ideas for valentine’s day

Romantic bedroom ideas for valentines day
source : unsplash

Valentine’s Day is a day to cherish your love. Instead of going to the restaurant and vacation, you can just spend this special day your love in the bedroom decorated with lovey dovey ornaments. Here are some accessories you can use to create an enchanting valentine night.

Flower petals on bed

Romantic bedroom ideas for valentine’s day
Source : https://i2.wp.com/architecturein.com

This romantic and epic bedroom would liven up the romantic side of you. The rose petals strewn along the way to the bed indicate that romance is in the air and definitely flows throughout this space. The candles put along with the petals create more intimacy, making your special night unforgettable.

Lovey Balloons

Romantic bedroom ideas for valentine’s day
By : Stylingfabriken

This balloon ornament is superb and is sure to strike a lasting impression. It shows how much effort you put in making your special day. White balloons which match the color of the room theme show the choice of elegance. With all-white theme color, the balloons look superb to add in this scandinavian stye room.

Flowery bedspread

Romantic bedroom ideas for valentine’s day
Source : https://www.thesleepjudge.com

Who would bother if romance can be added to the room just by changing your bedspread? This great idea seems to be simple, but this bedspread look gorgeous in white and red. This bedspread livens up the romance it has for the room, and most especially for the loved ones.

Canopy bed

Romantic bedroom ideas for valentine’s day
By : Francesca Owings Interior Design

Nothing can go wrong with a canopy bed. The intimacy can be created by putting a canopy on your bed. This bedroom is dripping with romance in simplicity. This rooms is a great setup of a rustic bedroom style, but having a canopy on any kinds of bedroom style would always enhance romanticism.

Romantic bedroom birthday ideas

Romantic bedroom birthday ideas
Source : unsplash

Preparing a birthday surprise for your loved one would never be as romantic as setting up a romantic bedroom. Here are some practical ideas you can apply when it comes to a romantic bedroom setup for their birthday.

Petals and candles leading to bed

Source : https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net

Personalised name balloons

romantic bedroom romantic ideas
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It is true that surprise makes birthday celebration double in excitement. One thing you can surely do is putting personalised name balloons for romantic and amazing surprise room decoration for birthday. These personalised name balloons will look great in any bedroom styles you have.

Flower bouquet on bed

Romantic bedroom birthday ideas
Source : https://www.themastfarminn.com

Who would not be overwhelmed with a beautiful flower bouquet on bed? This is most especially romantic when you are the male spouse preparing for your loved one. This bouquet prepared on bed shows elegance yet romantic concept of the idea.

Breakfast on bed

Romantic bedroom birthday ideas
By : Joseph Mosey Architecture, Inc.

The best birthday surprise you can have is to prepare breakfast for your birthday spouse. Your love will definitely love the ideas of being spoilt with their favorite meal prepared on bed. This idea would never fail to create a romantic morning in bed.

Romantic bedroom ideas on a budget

Romantic bedroom ideas on a budget
Source : Unsplash.com

Lights background

Romantic bedroom ideas
Source : https://www.thesleepjudge.com

Gauzy canopy

Source : https://www.thesleepjudge.com

String lights

By : Henderson Group, Inc.

Colorful touches

By : Hopkins Designs


A romantic get-away can be just on the other side of your bedroom door. Everyone has his own taste when it comes to setting up a romantic space, but the most common goal is creating a gorgeous bedroom that makes you feel the love in the air. ​You can create a special space with as little or as much effort depending on your preferences. One thing for sure in designing a romantic bedroom is to understand both tastes, you and your loved one so both can feel comfortable.

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