31+ Apartment Bedroom Inspiration & Ideas

Apartment Bedroom Inspiration – Living in an apartment can be a challenge, even though it’s been an everyday lifestyle for many people. Some people might get bored because of the old-style interior design, or the boring layout of the furniture. The most common problem would be the space issue, which is actually understandable. But does … Read more

31+ Minimalist Bedroom Ideas ( How to Design, Best Color & Accessories)

Simplicity-that is the word best described a minimalist style. Putting your room into a simple, balanced and decluttered is the best style matching with your lifestyle. It also reflects personality – simple and practical. As most people are busy with their work, minimalist style decor for their bedroom creates what is so-called neuro-architecture, invigorating development … Read more

30+ Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas ( How to Design & Best Colors)

Thinking of setting up a cozy bedroom for yourself or your children? When practicality, function and aesthetics fuse, there come farmhouse style. What is the difference between rustic and farmhouse style? There is a subtle difference between these two. The former uses rougher furniture retaining a more natural finish, while the latter has more rounding … Read more

30+ Boys and Girls Room Ideas (Best Color & How to Decor)

Boys and Girls Room Ideas

Boys and Girls Room Ideas – The idea of combining boys’ and girls’ rooms is not very familiar for some people. Their highly distinctive necessities and daily activities are one of the many reasons why most families separate their boys’ and girls’ rooms. It is also what differentiates almost every element of the two. Therefore, … Read more