Boys and Girls Room Ideas

30+ Boys and Girls Room Ideas (Best Color & How to Decor)

Boys and Girls Room Ideas – The idea of combining boys’ and girls’ rooms is not very familiar for some people. Their highly distinctive necessities and daily activities are one of the many reasons why most families separate their boys’ and girls’ rooms. It is also what differentiates almost every element of the two.

Therefore, in today’s society, people get to make the spaces at their houses efficient and effective due to the urbanization phenomenon in some big cities. These cities get crowder; the land size gets smaller, and more families to have to move into apartments. At this point, most people would love the idea to combine their kid’s rooms, even though it’s boys’ and girls’.

Designing a room for both a girl and a boy is not easy. As I mentioned before, their necessities and daily activities are highly distinct that will impact the element of the room interior. However, it is not impossible. Here are essential points to note down if you have any plan to decorate some of the rooms in your house.

What is the good color for boys and girls room?

What is the good color for boys and girls room?

When it comes to the color palette for the ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine,’ most of us would automatically choose pink for girls and blue for boys. Some girls love the blue shades; navy, sky blue, turquoise, many as boys that prefer red shades: red, pink, maroon, and so on. This stereotype is no longer relevant; as one, the functions to have kids’ rooms is to make them self-reliance and become someone brave to make a choice. Hence, they should get any color they like.

For this reason, many interior designers would dig in for more information about the kid that stays in the room, although some colors are not suitable for the room as a place to get rest and study. Choosing the color might depend on the kid’s natural behavior, emotional tendencies, and daily habit; whether they are energetic or calm, sporty or nerdy, temperamental, or more reserved.

The list of types of children would go on. For these reasons, the right color for boys and girls room is the one that supports their psychology and personal needs.

What is the best decoration for boys and girls room?

What is the best decoration for boys & gilrs room?

Every boy and girl have different kinds of room decoration. It might be true that most boys would love to do sports and music while most girls, would prefer to do dancing, arts, and reading books. But it is certainly not possible if the condition is the other way around. Therefore, the best decoration for both girls and boys should be that one that describes and supports their passions, hobbies, and education.

Room decoration is all the elements that make the room unique. Is it a personal matter, and should represent who’s the owner of the room. For kids, they would love any decoration that is fun and adding some “color” to their bedrooms so it won’t look boring. They usually do many things in their room, so the variety of decorations is necessary. Parents could discuss what kind of design the kids want. The discussion could be so much fun, and it makes the kids love you more too!

Here are some cool and fun decorations your kids would love to have:

1. Chalkboard wall

boy and girl bathroom signs

Kids love to explore new things, as well as drawing on the wall! Here is some good news: why don’t you paint one side of the room-wall a dark gray color so the kids could explore their ideas while you don’t have to be worried if they ruin the wall anymore. This idea is marvelous that it’s fun and educative at the same time. You can help the kids to do math homework, art, or any other exciting activities.

2. Floating House Shelves

boy and girl shared bedroom ideas

Your kids have many favorite toys, and it could be a disaster if you don’t be careful and a little bit tricky to handle the situation. After they play with their dolls or action figures, you can ask them to put it on the floating house shelves (or any floating shelves in any form the kids desire).

The kids could choose which toys they love the most to be put on to the display. To make good quality floating shelves, you can build it using some wooden boards. Make sure that the shelves have 1-2 typical forms, or else, it would be a little messy. Because of too many different shapes is not a very good idea.

3. Twinkling stars, planet, and galaxy.

shared bedroom ideas for small rooms

Imagine how happy the kids would be if you install some shining-twinkling stars down the ceilings. This little decoration will turn the atmosphere in the whole room into a magical sleeping chamber. It also could help their creativity increased. The kids would also love to listen to the bedtime story under the twinkling stars.

4. Friendly animals as wall art

shared room ideas

Who doesn’t love friendly animals? I bet every kid has their favorite animal character they found somewhere in the story or tv channel. Another decoration idea you could apply to the kids’ room is animal characters figure using wooden or cotton material as wall art. Not only this will make the wall super fun to look at, but the kids could also learn about animals. Change the animal character once a month or two and invite them to learn about it by telling stories. It will be exhilaration.

5. Well-organized desk

shared room ideas for small rooms

Buying a desk for your kids will also be a good idea for their room decoration. Teach the kids about responsibility by asking them to organize the space. When the kids are in elementary school, they would love to have their little territory for their own. A well-organized desk could support their education by giving them comfort in studying and learning school subjects.

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Why do you need to decor your children room?

Why you need to decor your children room?

When we talk about home decoration, most of us would think about something beautiful such as flowers, crystal vase, fine-material couch, etc. But home decoration is not only about how to make a room look exquisite. Moreover, there is something bigger than just it; to support the activity inside. It also applies to your children’s room. The room decoration is not only a wall-display; you can design it all the way the kids’ want to support their growth.

The process of decorating your kids’ room is one of the most primary activities you can do together with your boys or/and girls. Not only it could bond your relationship closer, but it also delivers several more positive value to your children’s life. Nothing is more important than bringing a good memory for your children as they grow older, isn’t it? Hence, these are some reasons why kids’ room decorations is a necessity:

  • To make it simple, children are thinking and feeling the way adults do. Don’t believe this; instead, we can prove it by surprising them with the game of picking up their favorite decoration to install to their rooms. They would love it as much as we do! It helps them to grow their self-esteem and the sense of having personal stuff. It will teach them how to be responsible for their things. The concept is how to educate them and make the children happy at the same time. When they accomplish this challenge, all they would feel is a proud feeling of how they could keep things organized and clean.
  • The kids will not be kids forever; that’s the science although many parents take it for granted by not being aware of this fact. It is stated and proved by scientific research that kids’ memory will stay until they become adults. It will not transform as a conscious memory. Instead, the unconscious one will store all the remembrance that makes it even more urgent. Some parents do not have any understanding of this and choose to “go with the flow,” and this is not a very good idea. Decorating the kids’ room that impacts them psychologically in a positive way will influence their adulthood life. It will give them a sense of being loved, taken care of, and supported by their family. It also will make them do the same to their children once they have one.
  • Some decorations help their education and hobbies. A desk with cartoon characters printed on, twinkling-star lamp with solar system model hanging from the ceiling, their favorite soccer team jersey framed on the wall; all these things not only educational-supportive but also triggers their imagination to achieve their dreams through hobbies.

With all these three reasons above, there is no excuse not to help the kids to decorate their room the way they want and need. It might take some time to help them play with their imagination while picking up the stuff to hang on the wall, but surely, it is worth all the efforts.

Decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

There are many reasons why some parents decide to merge their boys’ and girls’ rooms. Some of the causes are to make the space in a house more efficient, to get the two siblings getting along together, etc.

Sharing room for boys and girls could be disastrous if the parents do not know how to decorate it and what to put for decoration. Here are some ideas about what colo

1. Boys and Girls Room Colors Ideas

a darker shade of blue that is cool for boys and girls. This color is neutral and could make kids sleep better. Decorating the bedroom with this color makes the room looks uplifting.

a. Cerulean Blue

What is the good color for boys & gilrs room?
Emily Henderson

b. Yellow

a bright and cheerful color that makes every kid happily stay in their room for studying and doing any activity. The soft color of yellow makes the mind both happy and comfort.

What is the good color for boys & gilrs room?

c. Mixed of any bright color with dark grey as a ‘chalkboard’

kids love to draw! The kids can use the dark grey area as a huge chalkboard and it would support kids’ creativity in most exciting way.

What is the good color for boys & gilrs room?
Emily Henderson

d. Aqua

also one of shades of blue but a bit brighter. This happy color is and any kids would love to get rest in their room painted in aqua.

What is the good color for boys & gilrs room?

e. Pale green

pale green would give a sense relaxing but also bright enough to make the whole place feels more prominent than the actual size.

What is the good color for boys & gilrs room?
Fiona Newell Weeks

2. Cute bedding ideas for boys and girls

boys and girls room colors ideas
Suzanne Nichols Design Group, Inc.

Even though girls and boys are different, there are some ideas to make their bed sync in a rhythm. These are one of the best designs you would love to see:

3. Dream Playroom for Girls and Boys Ideas

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room
Mollie Openshaw

It is just the same as the bedding rules; boys and girls are mostly contradicting their preference of the toy they love to play. Therefore, this could be one of the most lovely ideas to steal as your kids’ playroom.

Boys and Girls Room Ideas for Tweens

A sharing room for both girls and boys tweens are still prevalent in some families. As the kids grow up, they become tweens. Their needs and preferences about anything get even more varied. It is every parent’s responsibility to decorate their tweens’ sharing room so they could be comfortable in their place while studying or just simply hanging out. Here are some ideas you could apply to the tweens’ rooms.

1. Boys and girls room colors ideas

a. Multi-function room

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

It is a basic necessity to have a place that is functioning as a study room because your tweens will not only be resting in their chamber. The decoration to support their study time should make them feel motivated by playing with bright colors, putting some mini indoor plants, or even hanging some precious photos.

b. Paint the wall with bold design

boys and girls shared room decorating ideas

Paint the wall with daring colors could be such a good trick to give the room some unique touch so it could refresh the tweens’ mind and creativity.

c. A wall that has perceptible texture can also be a right choice of ideas to decorate the room

boys and girls shared room decorating ideas

Texture will give another sense in the room interior. This exploratory method is unique and the kids would love it to bits.

2. Cute bedding ideas for boys and girls

boys and girls shared room decorating ideas
FRAME design co.

Another way to make the room more intriguing is by choosing cool bedding. This one could be one of your references:

3. Kids bathroom decor

Room decoration is not only about the sleeping chamber. You can also furnish the bathroom. Won’t it be so much fun to see a beautifully decorated bathroom that makes the tweens willing to clean themselves without parents have to remind them every night? Check these pictures out:

a. Fish patterned

kids bathroom decor
House of Ruby Interior Design

This bathroom is inspired by all the cute sea-creatures. The multi-color bathroom with eclectic-style gives such a fun atmosphere.

b. Playful Themed

kids bathroom ideas
Dick Clark + Associates

Another exciting bathroom decoration that is quite full of colors but also comfortable to see. The circle ornaments enrich the whole look.

c. Coastal Beach Themed

shared bedroom ideas for brother and sister
Phillip Smith General Contractor, LLC

This decoration is inspired by the coastal beach life. The fish print on the wall tile gives a sense of the tropical interior. The blue-colored wall also reminds us of the beach shore. It’s refreshing to see.

d. Spring Themed

shared bedroom ideas for teenage sisters
Mi-Kin Creations, Inc.

This last design reminds us of the spring season. The multi-colored wall tiles with flower accents truly represent the season where all the plants become the most beautiful. It’s simple yet adorable.

4. Shared bedroom ideas for small rooms

a. Bedding

boys and girls shared room decorating ideas

To make the room space usage more efficient, you can use a bunk bed for the kids. This is not only will maximize the whole area, the boys and girls also will love it. Bunkbed is adventurous!

b. Study corner

boys and girls shared room decorating ideas

Another way to make the space not going wasted is to merge the two desks for both girls and boys. But, make sure that they won’t end up playing around instead of studying!

c. Toys box

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

One of the reasons of why the room get messy: because toys is cluttering over the floor. Toys box will be the ultimate savior.

How to decorate a boy and a girl’s room together (with theme)

A thematic room is another level of fun. Let’s say your boy and girl love space and all the planets. Maybe they love the animals and all the plants in the jungle. Why don’t we give what they wish to become true through these ideas of thematic room for both girls and boys?

1. Space theme

a. Decoration

kid room ideas sky boys and girls ,

By hanging some of planet formed school project or cloudy night lamp, your room will be more space-like. Be more explorative about things you can use as the decoration to enrich the theme.

b. Bedding

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

Buying a galaxy or a constellation printed pattern sheet also make the whole interior more awesome. The kids surely would get all excited to sleep in it.

c. Floor, wall or ceiling color

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

To have space-theme wall, ceiling or floor pattern, you can use wallpaper of your favorite space-stuff. Make sure that you make a mood-board first before actually realize it.

2. Zoo/jungle theme

a. Decoration

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

Who doesnt love animal characters? They are all cute and can be such an adorable friend for your children. Grant the kids’ dream by decorating the room with all the stuffed-animals over the wall, or simply standing on the floor. 

b. Bedding

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

Animals or zoo theme also can be achieved by buying some jungle and animals printed sheets. The sheet comes in many styles and colors that fit into many different range of age that tweens would also love it!

c. Floor, wall or ceiling

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

One last idea to get the jungle, zoo, or animal theme is to paint a tree on the wall, or just to simply use the similar theme wallpaper. As for painting an artwork of the theme, you can also do it together with the kids. Be experimental and don’t try to be perfect!

3. Sporty theme

a. Decoration

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

Sport is not only for boys. Some girls love footballs, baseballs, basketballs, etc. The combination of some sports ornaments could make the interior gets anyone enthusiastic, especially the kids.

b. Bedding

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

When you’re not so sure about where to buy the ornaments, do it with bedding sheets! Bed is the focal point of bedroom. That’s why, sport printed sheet is a significant element to get the sport-theme look.

c. Floor, wall or ceiling

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

The three elements of floor, ceiling or wall will certainly do the magic. Even if you dont have any sports ornament or printed sheets; grass-carpet, scoring printed wallpaper or any other awesome stuff  will surely leave your kids exhilarated.

4. Sea world/underwater theme

a. Decoration

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room ,

The sea world is on another level. Kids can really dive into some magical undersea world by having mixed of any sea-creatures altogether as toys, or having an aquarium for their fishes.

b. Bedding

decorating ideas for boys and girls sharing a room

The bedding idea that includes crabs that live on the shore can also complete the whole theme. Ask the kids which creatures they would like to have printed on their sheets. Maybe you will also be surprised with their answers.

c. Floor, wall or ceiling

kid room ideas sky boys and girls

 The magical undersea world will make your kids both energized, motivated and relaxed in their sleep by installing wallpaper or paint the sea scenery.


Decorating your boys’ and girls’ rooms is neither easy nor hard. It is merely about how do you try to understand them through their daily activities, whether in school, with their friends, or even when they need some time alone in the room doing whatever they love. The process of decoration will not only give you quality time with your beloved children; it will also give you some significant insights about them. It will make you understand them even more because these days, many parents spend most of their time at work and they have no time left for children. So it is a jackpot: you will make the children happy, and you get to get the time for bonding hearts, at the same time. What a great combination!

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