Bedroom Curtain Ideas (What is The Best Color and Fabric?)

Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Bedroom Curtain Ideas – As the expert will tell you, curtains will lit a room — but only when chosen correctly. A lot of things will come if you talk about window treatments, it’s a matter of color and fabric, length and lining, and custom-made versus off-the-shelf. With so many decisions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Going below, we have provided you some consideration for you to choose the right curtains for your home.

Know Your Need Before Buying Your Dreamy Curtain

know your need before buying your dreamy curtain

When choosing the right curtains for bedrooms, there are several factors you have to think earlier: what color curtains are best for a bedroom, what the best fabric is for bedroom curtains, and whose room it is. Let’s go over what you need to think about in a bit more detail.

What Colour Curtains Are Best For A Bedroom?

Dark Bedroom Curtain Ideas

dark curtain
Design Within Reach Buckhead Bedroom

As everybody suggests, dark-colored curtains work best opposing light walls. Dark walls plus dark curtains are way too much for your room. The dark-colored curtains also blend well in spacious interiors or high-ceilinged rooms to visually shrink the space and give it a cozier vibe.

For further consideration, ‘dark’ doesn’t only mean in plain black, brown, or grey. It can also come in modern colors such as blue or even in the combination of several colors. When it comes to cleaning, the dark color also gives you benefit that it doesn’t show dirt, and dust like light-colored curtains will be an excellent choice for a house that near high traffic areas.

Light Bedroom Curtain Ideas

light curtain
Amagansett Beach Retreat

A wonderful choice if you feel it’s good to choose the light one. It has a timeless look, especially whites and neutrals, will never be out of style. If you like a room that is showered by sunlight, light-colored curtains offer you what you want, a room that gets a lot of direct sunlight as they’re less prone to fading from the sun. 

Besides, light-colored curtains give benefit to a room, which is small to make the illusion of larger space. Boring with the same color over the years? Lighter colors are easily dyed a different color if you please to change it up in the future.

What Is The Best Fabric For Bedroom Curtains?

What is the best fabric for bedroom curtains
Covent Garden House, London

Polyester Curtains

Polyester is a standard fabric used for curtains for its durable, sturdy, and affordable advantages. Any curtains that are made from polyester are easy to care for and resist wrinkling, shrinking, and stretching. Besides, polyester curtains are so low maintenance. They’re perfect for the first option or those who still a newbie as the curtain owner. If you’re moving into your very first home, polyester is a great option.

Linen Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Tending to be a more wavy fabric that still has a tailored look,  making linen curtains contrived of this material perfect for a casual, airy, or contemporary bedroom. Linen drapes gracefully, and the sheer fabric allows the sun enters the room, which allows for natural light to fill your living space.

Cotton Curtains

Cotton curtains in a drapery weight material are very famous for their appearances as well as function. You may not need to line more drapery weight cotton fabric, though lining can add to its strength and durability and looks.

Silk Bedroom Curtain Ideas

These fabrics are beautiful and bring on a look of luxury with its luminous face. But you will need to line the silk curtains if you value privacy and protection from sunray

Lace Curtains

Most of the curtain blend with lace or full lace to be used as the sheer curtain; the open weave of this fabric is suitable for the purpose. It can be expensive, though.

Thermal Bedroom Curtain Ideas

This type of curtain is thick and designed to provide maximum heat retention. Another benefit of this curtain that it will also help keep a room cool in summer.

Whose Room Is It?

whose room is it

Look easy, but this matters to you a lot. Depending on the owner or who sleeps in the bedroom, it will give you a different style of curtain. If the room is a guest room, the style or color of the curtain will provide you with the freedom to choose. Minimal light or even if noise getting into the room would not be a distraction in choosing the curtain. The curtain is not essential for the place as it’s only used on occasion; the curtains may even remain open most of the time when the room is not in use.

If the purpose of the room is for the master bedroom, your own the room, It’s your inspiration that plays with the room style. There may be a specific look and feel you’re going for. Just match the curtain with the room style and have a look that you want to get.

And if it’s a child’s bedroom, it’s a vital need to block light and reduce the noise as it can be the difference between bedtime being simple or a struggle. Find any curtain that can hold both light and sound perfectly.

Tips On Decorating Bedroom Curtain

tips on decorating bedroom cu

Coordinate Curtains with Your Wall Color

Coordinate Curtains with Your Wall Color

If you are willing to have patterned curtains, make sure the pattern is color-coordinated look with the wall and contains at least a bit of the wall color. If your walls are blue or red, choose a pattern with a hint of blue or red. If you’ve painted the wall in more colorful ways, you can also apply the color to the curtain pattern’s background or foreground design. You don’t have to match the color of the curtain exactly to the walls. As long as the color in the pattern has mostly two shades lighter or darker than the wall color, the eye sees it as a repeated color.

Which Curtain Top Design For Your Bedroom

which curtain top design for your bedroom
Curtains & Draperies of Indianapolis- Custom Styles at Affordable Prices

The ideas of the bedroom curtain should include the curtain top design for inspiration. Any ideas, just like pencil pleat curtains that come with little hooks, even it’s a bit hard to fasten in place, will create a neat appearance and set the drape across the window, plus they are great to keep light from seeping through the top of the curtain. 

If a curtain rail is in your mind, choose the curtains with eyelets. They are much easier to get set but must be the right length to avoid pockets of light appearing at the top of the window, or combine with blinds or shutters.

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Which Size Curtains For Your Bedroom Windows

which size curtains for your bedroom windows

Choosing curtains for a bedroom is not just as you like it. Even if the curtain has an elegant vibe, you have to keep into your mind about your window shape and size and the bedroom size. The oversized curtains will make the room feel smaller. If you’ve got a bay window, you will need a little wider curtain curtains to fit all the way around. If the tall windows covered your bedroom wall, measure the length and choose curtains, which is a few inches longer than the window. Remember the point that floor-length curtains that drape look more relaxed but also more luxurious than those that skim the floor.

Patterned Or Plain Bedroom Curtains

Patterned Or Plain Bedroom Curtains

If you have a reasonably plain bedroom, some bold patterns and colors curtains can boost the character and life to the room. Vice verse, for the opposite one, brightly patterned bed linen or wallpaper, plain curtains will give you refreshing choice. Put this to your mind, too. Those large motifs tend to look more contemporary, smaller ones more traditional.


Curtains & Interior Design Projects – Dublin & Meath

Many ways you can have to beautify your curtain. As window treatments, adding curtain hardware or accessories can add a whole other level of sophistication to your windows. For instance, rod, tiebacks, brackets, holdbacks, and finials.

Ready-made Or Made-to-measure

ready made ir made to measure
Curtains & Interior Design Projects – Dublin & Meath

The next thing you should do some research about your curtain related to the curtain you want to your budget. You can choose either curtain ready-made or made-to-measure. Mostly ready-made curtains are cheaper and ready to use, but you have extra time to find the one that fits your windows. If your budget meets to buy made-to-measure curtains, you will get what you want. You can try to buy it online. Some great brands are now offering the service for very reasonable prices online.

Mix Materials For Dramatic Bedroom Curtain Idea

mix materials for dramatic bedroom curtain idea

Imagine that your room will look sophisticated in a solid block material curtain, but you don’t like the way it blocks the sunlight? Why not match it with another inert material in your bedroom curtains for balance? It’s an excellent idea yet saving more money since you can have an expensive material curtain which sparingly but to significant effect.

Bedroom Curtain Design Ideas

bedroom curtain design ideas

Bedroom Woven Wood Curtain

bedroom woven wood curtain
Talianko Debbie L.

We love woven wood shades for its warmth and calm. They have a neutral feeling that covers the window and mixes well with any style. We can use them in any spaces and beautified with some drapes to add a more luxurious look. Don’t forget to have them lined for your privacy.

Bedroom Curtains Blackout

bedroom curtains blackout
Blackout Window Treatments

These types of curtains are usually used for bedrooms that rely on the lighting. The owners of the room want their room to be completely dark, even when it’s a bright sunny day outside. The room itself has a plain ivory wall and depends mostly on light, but the curtain and block are placed to block the light. Even certain types of shutters provide blackout. Blackout window treatments have a variety of benefits than just blocking natural light, which makes them a wise choice to your curtain.

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Bedroom Curtain With Valance

Bedroom Curtain With Valance
Custom Valances

Valances are decorative panels that you place above your curtain to conceal curtain rods, blind mechanisms, and other hanging hardware. The apparent theme here would be soft pink and cream, boosting calm and relaxation. The curtains are in the cream and decorative patterns of the valance. The design of the valance gives more busy to the monologue color of the room. Valance like these is great for breaking up the blandness of single color rooms, bringing some boldness to the room.

Bedroom Curtain Lights

Bedroom Curtains Light
Room Dividers

This bedroom is so dominated in white, the perfect color for brightening up any space. They made it even better by using sheer curtain panels. It keeps the natural light bouncing off of the furniture.

Bedroom Curtains Modern

Bedroom Curtains Modern

Half Length Curtain

Half Length Curtain
My Houzz: Classic East Coast Style in Maryland

The half-length curtain is shorter than the usual one and can cut the visual height of your room in half. However, this shorter type of curtains is often the best option for kids’ rooms. The brief makes the parents can avoid any dirt that comes from their kids’ play. You may also hang the half-length curtains if there is another thing you put below the window, like heat-producing radiators or heaters.

Floor To Ceiling Curtain

Floor To Ceiling Curtain
Russian Hill House

The use of floor to ceiling curtains will make an illusion of a bigger room by elongating the wall. Put in your mind that the curtain is the part of wall art. You can have a sheer floor to ceiling curtain in your bedroom

Bedroom Curtains Bed Bath And Beyond

Bedroom Curtains Bed Bath And Beyond
east 2nd rockstar

Bedroom Curtain Rods

bedroom curtain rods

Bedroom Curtain Fairy Lights

Bedroom Curtain Fairy Lights
Berkshire Contemporary Home

Curtain lights are a dramatic way to create a lighted backdrop as your curtain. Most of the people put the lights on their curtain for the occasional event or only for aesthetic. As shown in the picture, the plain bedroom is cherished by the glamorous of the light. You can make the light by yourself and choose the lamp color as you want, the warm white or the colorful one.

Bedroom Curtains Room Darkening

Bedroom Curtains Room Darkening

Too much sun can disturb your good night’s sleep and quality movie watching with your lovely one. Room darkening roller enables you to control the sunlight entering your room, so you can decide it’s appropriate to let the sun showered the room or not.

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Bedroom Curtain Ideas Divider

Dividing The Room

Dividing The Room
Room Dividers

Nobody says that curtain only used to cover the window. In this bedroom, this large brown curtain is used as a room divider, blocking off the bed from another bed and gives you the privacy you need. It’s a cheaper option to block off the bed rather than building another wall or door.

Section Off Nooks

section off nocks

Installing curtains won’t just come in handy in a makeshift guest room. This whimsical curtain gives cozy little space feeling to the room.

Bedroom Curtain And Bedding Sets

Bedroom Curtain And Bedding Sets
Every Child’s Fairytale

Being sophisticated with the twin bedding set and curtain. You will be less caution to match the color of that two furniture. In this room, they put a similar tartan pattern to both the curtain and the bedding set. Just see if the pattern blends well with the wall color.

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Curtains will give more soul to your room. For every color and style of a room, there’s always a type of curtain to go with it. Many options like sheer, heavy, dark, light, or patterned curtain, it will fit in somewhere. Now that you get more ideas in your head about what you can do with your curtains, share it with your friends so they can have the same thoughts as you if they’re having trouble designing their rooms.

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