31+ Beautiful Baby Girl Room Ideas (Best Color & Must Have Accessories)

Baby Girl Room Ideas – Expecting a newborn to join the family is one of the most exciting moments in every parent’s life. Almost everything is prepared to welcome the new precious family member, included some cute clothes, stuffed animals, and also the baby girl’s room.

Some parents would be stuck with the basic settings; a room with one shade of color for the wall, a wooden crib, a nursing chair, and a dresser with a changing table section. Sure, this is the basic setting you would need, but don’t you know that you can be a little bit more explorative at many aspects?

Planning on what to put into your new baby girl’s room is not only about buying cute things your eyes lie on the first time, it is also about how do you prepare the little house for your little treasure. She will live there for quite a long time at her early years. So that room decoration becomes substantial for her mental growth along with the other skills. Therefore, decorating a baby girl’s room is a long-term investment.

Picking up the furniture or deciding which wallpaper you would buy for your baby girl’s room would be a fun activity to do but it also costs you extra time. There are some points you might also need to read before you jump right into decoration hunting. Understanding what to do and not to do would save you from many headaches that could be happened when you impulsively buying things to decorate the room.

What is the Best Color for Baby Girl Room?

What is the good color for baby girl room

The room color is usually where we start before heading on decorating a room. When it comes to a baby girl’s room, there are certain colors pop out in our mind immediately. Colors such as pink, yellow, baby blue, mint green, lilac, and white are great choices. Here are some references on how you could decorate the room in these pretty colors.


What is the good color for baby girl room?

Vanessa Antonelli Designs

Pink was established as a ‘feminine’ color in 1940s. This pretty color that is considered as the pale shade of red color was named after a flower that has the same exact name. This is also the color you could choose as the baby girl’s room main color.


What is the good color for baby girl room?


The bright yellow reminds us with sunflowers, the feeling of happiness and joy. By choosing yellow as the main color for the baby’s room, you can bring the excitement into the room.

Baby Blue

What is the good color for baby girl room?


It is true that the blue color was established as ‘masculine’ color along with the pink for ‘feminine’ color in the 1940s. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t choose this calming and beautiful shade for the baby girl’s room. The shades of blue can help the baby to sleep peacefully. For that reason, baby blue is absolutely considerable.

Mint Green

What is the good color for baby girl room?


If you want to go with something refreshing yet calming, you would definitely go with mint green. This color is also good for both boys and girls.


What is the good color for baby girl room?


Lilac brings out the elegance in traditional way. This color is perfect for your baby girl’s room. You can mix up the lilac color with silver, white, or another shade of lilac, but brighter.

White and cream

What is the good color for baby girl room?


The neutral color of white can go along in almost every room color, included you baby girl’s room color. You can play mix and match with any other colors especially those ones that represent nature, such as tan, green, or brown.

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Why do you need to decor your baby room?

Why do you need to decor your baby girl room

Decorating your baby girl’s room is not only about playing colors and cute furniture, it is also about to think of the impact it may bring in the future. Room decoration could be a crucial aspect in baby’s life as it is the place where the baby would spend most of their time sleeping and playing around. This way, they will develop their skills; motoric, creativity and also their mental health.

Helping the baby to grow well and making sure that their motoric and creativity develop in the right way are the things every parent would want for their baby. You may purchase any toys you fall in love at first sight but are they really necessary? And most importantly, will they help the baby to grow well, both physically and mentally? These questions should be in every parent’s mind because this could help to make a wise decision in purchasing things.

While our main goal is to help the baby’s mental and physical growth, it can be achieved by arranging a nice comfortable room. The room should be comfortable enough for them to feel safe. To design a room that feels comfortable for the baby, you would need to make a mood board and make sure that you pay attention to the materials of every furniture.

Must-have accessories for your baby girl room

Must-have accessories for your baby girl room

Now you understand about the things to consider in decorating a baby girl’s room and the reason why decorating a baby room is necessary. Then, you might want to know what are the ‘must-have’ accessories for your baby girl’s room. These furnishings are the ones you need to consider buying first.

Crib, mattress, and the sheet

The first you need to purchase is these trio: crib, mattress and sheet. Make sure that you choose the one that got the best material quality.

Nursing Chair and Pillow

The second one is nursing chair and a pillow to support the parents or the nanny when they need to rock, reading stories or give the milk to the baby.

Drawer and Dressers

Everyone knows good materials equal to long-term usage, so do drawer and dresser. You might want to purchase the one that has quality so it can still be used up until your little baby grows some years older.

Storybook and toys Cabinet

You might end up buying many toys and storybook to deliver the baby to sleep. For this reason, you will also need a storage to keep all the clutter in place.

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Baby Girl Nursery Ideas on a Budget

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas on a Budget

For some families, purchasing every piece of furniture for the sake of decorating a baby girl’s room is quite difficult. Some parents need to stay on the planned budget. Therefore, carefully choosing what furniture to buy is a must. It may sound a bit strict and might kill the creativity. But don’t you know that you can do some tricks so that you could stay on the budget but also get a little bit more creative at the same time?

Wall and Floor

white nursery room ideas



For the family who has limited space for the baby’s room, you can apply this trick to get the feeling of a larger room. Try to paint the wall and the ceiling with bright colors. If the floor has a darker shade, that’s fine because the important thing to note down is that you have both the wall and ceiling painted in bright colors.


DIY cross-stitching blackout curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers and blanket for the baby

Things to consider in decorating baby girl room


Cross stitching could be a really fun activity to do while waiting for the day when the baby comes out to the world. You can mix some different fabrics in varied colors into one. Do not be afraid if it won’t match because that is the whole point of cross-stitching; unity the variety.

Renew Old Laminate Dresser

Things to consider in decorating baby girl room


You can find any old dressers and renew it with some paints. You could get it from your siblings, parents, friends, or even from your own storage. This way you could save fine cash to be allocated for something else.

Hit up local ikea (and hunt down some low-priced furnishings)

Things to consider in decorating baby girl room


This is very practical and so far the easiest one to do. You just need to visit the local ikea and try to look for anything that matches with your mood board. Ikea is inexpensive and you can explore the many varieties of furnishings right there.

Find second hand (or third hand) furniture on vintage store

Things to consider in decorating baby girl room


So, if you haven’t found the one that matches your taste and budget plan, you would need to do something else. Therefore, you might want to try to buy the furniture at the vintage store.


Download free nursery wall art printable or buy one on etsy

Why you need to decor your baby room?


There are many inexpensive decorations that is on sale on etsy. Again, you need to make a mood board so that you can immediately decide which decoration you would purchase.

Make your own blackout curtain

Why you need to decor your baby room?


If you have your favorite drapery store, you might also like the idea of making blackout curtain for the baby’s room by yourself. The fabric material should be thick enough to prevent the light comes into the room. It’s actually so that when the baby needs to sleep in the midday, the light won’t bother their comforts.

Diy floating shelves

Why you need to decor your baby room?


This diy floating shelves is a big must. Both parents could design the shelves in any form possible for any purposes. You can put everything on the shelves: books, toys, framed photos, or even clothes.

Diy pom poms and flowers

Why you need to decor your baby room?


If your creativity is still on fire, than you also need to try to make pom-poms and flowers decoration. Hang it on the wall, or you can frame it before.

Baby Girl Room Color Ideas Besides “all shades of girly colors”

Deciding the right color for your baby girl is not always an easy job to do. If you’re not a big fan of any shades of pink or yellow, then you might love these inspirations of the baby girl’s room color beside all shades of girly colors.

Black and White

Must Have acessories for your baby girl room


This duo fits in everything really well that it could also be a pretty color for the girls. You can mix up the colors by whether to paint the wall in black and ceilings in white, or vice versa. You can also include any shades between the two of black and white.


baby boy nursery theme ideas

www.i.pinimg.com, www.everyday-reading.com

Usually, the color of navy blue is for the boys. But why don’t you try it also for your girl? This pretty color can be matched with white color for the wall accents or furnishings.

White and Green

baby boy nursery ideas small room

www.i.pinimg.com, www.decohoms.com

Not many parents would think of green when it comes to painting their baby girl’s room. But there’s no reason not to. If pink is way too mainstream, you can try the pretty green color.

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baby girl vintage bedroom

www.i.pinimg.com, www.1.bp.blogspot.com

Maybe the color of chocolate cannot be classified as a “not girly color” as it is actually quite neutral. But let’s be honest, this color reminds us of the sweetness of chocolate candy. Hence, chocolate could also be one of your choices for the room.


baby boy nursery ideas with elephants

www.i.pinimg.com, www.hips.hearstapps.com

The pretty color of grey brings out the elegance into the room. You can mix the color with the colors of white, pink, or gold for the furnishings.

Thematic Baby Girl Room Ideas

Another way to decorate the room is by theme. Try to think of a theme that you think fits for your baby girl. It could be princess theme, flower theme, animals theme, and so on. So what is it with the theme? What’s the difference with the non-thematic room? Well, if you decide to decorate the room with a theme, you would need to purchase for the furniture that support the room theme. Yes, it will take a little more effort, but it will certainly be awesome.

Flower Themed


Pretty flowers like daisies, roses, tulips, jasmines, or any other varieties of flower you can think of would fit this theme. Do some effort to find a flower wallpaper or you can draw a mural on the wall. The base color could be green or white, or any other pastels. Try to make it as soft as possible.

Animal Themed

baby girl nursery ideas with elephants


Your baby girl would also love this animal theme. Cute animals like rabbits, cats, birds, giraffes, lions, elephants, etc., would the best companion for the baby girl. The bonus side is you can find an excuse to buy stuffed animals as many as you please.

Princess Themed

baby boy nursery ideas blue


The elegant princess themed room would make any girls happy. The beautiful chandelier with victorian style cribs would be the key in this theme. Use pastels for the main color.

Minimalist Themed

baby boy nursery ideas hunting


For the parents who would rather make the room as minimal as possible, then, minimalist is the right choice. Play with “light” colors such as white and cream. Avoid buying too many toys, books, clothes for the baby to avoid the point of having minimalist room in the first place.

Thematic toddler girl room ideas

Your baby girl will eventually grows older and become a toddler. Will their old room design still relevant? These thematic room references would definitely save your time.

Flower Themed

baby girl nursery ideas gray and pink

CM Fresh Perspectives

Flower theme would definitely still relevant for the toddler. The pretty flowers wallpaper can get along with pastel colors furniture. It certainly will bring out the happiness to the room.

Animal Themed

baby girl owl room ideas


The animal themed room is also good for the toddler. The parents can introduce the many varieties of animals to the toddlers in their early age. Play with wall stickers if you don’t really want to go with the wallpaper. Purchase for stuffed animals and animal printed sheets or bed covers. She will definitely love it.

Doll House Themed

baby girl's room ideas nursery


For the girls that are in love with dolls, a dollhouse themed room will be a great choice. You don’t have to build a mini castle, instead, think of purchasing some cabinets for the dolls to sit. The pink main color can be switched to any other pastel colors such as baby blue, lilac, white or yellow.

Minimalist Themed

baby girl nursery ideas not pink


You can never go wrong with the beauty of minimalist themed room. Just find the simplest furniture in ikea and put it into the room. The challenge here is that you need to resist to buy too many things for your toddler.


Decorating baby girls’ rooms are somewhat fun activity to do. Spending some time to plan which furniture you would buy that match with the main color would be well paid when you know it that the design you plan makes the room comfortable for the baby. It is a long-term investment, and it could never go wrong. (1 paragraf)


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