Baby Boy Room Ideas

31+ Cool Baby Boy Room Ideas (Best Color & Accessories)

Baby Boy Room Ideas – The sun shines through the window; it touches your beautiful baby boy back gently in his wooden crib. The room is warm and relaxing: baby blue wallpaper with some baseball pattern printed on, a beautiful brand new mahogany dresser, some animal stuff on the toy storage, and a nursing chair where you’re sitting on right now. You’re reading a parenting 101 book while listening to soft classical music instrumental on the speaker, waiting for your baby to wake up this afternoon. It was such beautiful scenery, indeed.

Back to current reality, you might just be expecting your baby boy to join the new family. Maybe you’re going to have the second, third, fourth boy, or even more. The thing is that you want to prepare your baby boy’s bedroom in the best way possible. It can be stressful, though. Because the bedroom is where the baby would fall to sleep, play, and learn stuff, and it’s their little home for some years.

How you decorate the bedroom will affect the baby in many ways, especially his psychological growth. Not only it can affect the baby, but the bedroom interior can also change the mother or the nanny. To put it simply, decorating a baby’s room is a long-term investment. Now here are some ideas from which color should we consider for the baby boy’s room to the excellent reference of various thematic room designs.

What is the Good Color for Baby Boy Room?

What is the good color for baby boy room?

Let’s start our mini project of baby boy’s room decoration here. Choosing the color for your baby room cannot be seen as something less important; color defines the room situation and how you and the baby would feel inside. It can bring warmth and comfort, or it can also bring coldness and the feeling of unrelaxed. Therefore, understanding the needs of the baby is what we have to learn before choosing one of the beautiful color recommendations below.

1. Mint Green

What is the good color for baby boy room?

The secret behind mint green is the refreshing atmosphere you would get. Once this color dominates the palette of the interior, the room would feel bright, not just by the look.

2. Yellow

What is the good color for baby boy room?

Most people perceive yellow as a bright color, and, well, people are not wrong. This happy color could make everyone’s mood uplifted. Yellow also gives a sense of warmth and welcoming. It is a perfect choice if you want to make the baby feel cheerful without diminishing the sense of warmness.

3. Navy

What is the good color for baby boy room?

The soothing color of the navy can also be one of your choices. It might be not as bright as yellow or mint green, but for all parents that prefer to have a calm atmosphere, you will want to go with this dark blue shade of color.

4. Red and Grey

What is the good color for baby boy room?

Red and grey are for those parents that want some eccentric environment. The two colors of cool grey with warm red will be the unique mixture that makes a whole different atmosphere than the other colors.

5. Chocolate

What is the good color for baby boy room?

Chocolate is the traditional and classic color if you want to play it safe. No games or tricks on this one. Playing it safe is fine because sometimes, we need to prevent ourselves from doing wrong with the baby boy’s room, don’t we? Chocolate can go with almost every color, so we can explore more in choosing the furniture.

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Things to consider in decorating baby boy room

Things to consider in decorating baby boy room

After you pick the primary color for the room, now you might want to set up the furniture. That’s right. A good baby room could never go right without the best choice of furnishings inside. But there are some things you need to consider before we go there. You might want to check right down below.

Easy Reach of Changing Table

Can you imagine how crazy it would be if you put the changing table far from the crib? It will be all messy. The reachable of changing table–it means that your baby is only a few steps away from the cradle to changing table–is very important. The urgency is real when the baby starts crying because of the dirty diaper that needs to be changed. That’s why this point is right on the top list.

Avoid Clutter

Let’s confess about it; sometimes we don’t intend to buy all the stuff that ends up contributing to the messiness in the room. Seeing all the little cute stuff and the urge to buy the kids all the lovely toys to witness their facial expression for the first time, they got excited, priceless. But shouldn’t we reconsider the long term impact of our impulsive behavior? Yes, we certainly do have to.

Washable Wallpaper

When the baby grows up a little older, they will get creative–as their motoric skills developing. The parents should think about long-term planning. Therefore, it is also essential to purchase washable wallpaper instead of the regular one. Think about how many headaches you will save when the boys start making the oh-so-beautiful drawings on the wall, and you only need to wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

While we talk about cheery colors in the first section, we also need to understand that the room should not always be bright. When the time to sleep comes–whether it is at night or in the afternoon–all the baby boy needs is a dim light that makes them fall deep into a peaceful sleep. For that reason, you need to make sure you also include the blind curtain and a night lamp.

You can make any light a nightlight

This one if you’re creative and if the night lamp is not cute enough for your baby. You can buy any light bulb and do the DIY to make your nightlight.

Decorate thematic room

Thematic room is another way for a super awesome place. It is a bit difficult to achieve, as the interior has to match with the whole furnishing in one theme. The challenge lies in your effort in finding the matched items for a specific theme. For example, if you want to introduce your baby boy to one of the most popular characters, say, Harry Potter, then you have to find all the furniture that represents Harry Potter. Not only that, the room color should match the whole theme palette for the best result.

Put mini crib instead (for a small room)

For the family with a small house, you might want to go for a simple room design. Hence, you may need to purchase a mini crib instead of a regular size. This way, you can save up some spaces for other furniture.

Hang some art

Art is essential to make up the atmosphere in the room. The function is mostly to beautify the interior; to make it complete. You need to find particular artwork that can support the room design. If you want a relaxing atmosphere, then you certainly need to go with a relaxing design. You can buy the print over the offline or online store.

Why do you Need to Decor your Baby Room?

Why do you need to decor your baby room?

Let’s say that you don’t believe in the importance of decorating a room. And you end up mixing every single piece of furniture you fall in love in the first sight into one. From a yellow wallpaper, a green carpet with red hearts pattern, a red nursing chair, and so on. Everything might feel nice to see at first glance, but who knows it won’t match that good in one room? That’s why carefully designing a room is needed.

The first significant thing we need to consider why we have to design a room is because a nice interior could make a comfortable room for both the baby and the parents. The atmosphere that is built by putting up the right decorations with the right colors altogether is essential even though not everyone is aware of this. It is true that to plan the design from zero is not an easy job. But it will be worth your time, money, and effort.

Putting up the right decorations, with the right material, color, size, and any necessary specification for your house is an investment. The right combination makes the people that live inside it feel at ease. On the contrary, a poorly designed room will make the occupants uneasy. In some cases, an unplanned room could stress out the people inside. It will have quite a significant impact on the baby. Therefore, the decoration is not only about how to make the room look beautiful; it’s more likely to make it has an atmosphere for well psychological growth.

Must-have Accessories for your baby boy room

Must-have accessories for your baby boy room

To make your job easier, there are some guides you might want to read about the ‘must-have accessories for a baby room’.

Crib, mattress, and the sheet

Things to consider in decorating baby boy room

Not just some random crib and all the things inside it, but ones with good quality. A baby spends more than 50% of their day sleeping in the crib; therefore, choosing the right material for their comfort is essential. What quality you opt for the crib, mattress, and sheet can impacts their health too.

Nursing Chair and Pillow

Things to consider in decorating baby boy room

The nursing chair could support the parents’ comfort when one of the rough days of taking care of a baby comes. Choose the one that has good material for long-term usage as you will use it for many activities: rocking, giving milk, reading stories, etc.

Drawer and Dressers

Things to consider in decorating baby boy room

One of the most important pieces of furniture you need to spend time in choosing is the drawer. You can make the changing table by putting a thin mattress on top of the drawer for space efficiency.

Storybook and toys Cabinet

Things to consider in decorating baby boy room

The storybook and toy cabinet is also essential. The baby would love to play with his favorite toys and having a story read to sleep by the parents. Hence, you would like to purchase a lovely cabinet to store all these precious.

Baby Room Thematic Ideas

Thematic ideas for a room can be hard to create. You need to spend extra time looking for the right thematic furniture and decoration to build up a particular theme. But first things first, you need to decide what theme to choose. These following themes might be the one you are looking for for your baby boy’s room.

Animal theme

baby boy room ideas for small spaces

Interior Design Journey Pte Ltd

The animal theme would never disappoint. Anyone loves animals, especially the kids! This theme brings happiness and joy. Choose cute cartoon animal wallpaper, or you can purchase animal artwork for the decoration.

Sailor theme

cute baby boy room ideas

Tweak Your Space

Some parents want to introduce the beautiful calming ocean blue color, and this theme would definitely do the job. Blue is not only one of the top best colors for a baby boy’s room, but it also one of the most calming colors. You can purchase some ship sculptures, any fish dolls, or sailor theme artworks.

Sport theme

baby boy nursery ideas small room

Beautiful Habitat: Design & Decoration

For athletic parents, sports theme would be at their top list. You want to make sure the baby also loves sports as much as you do. Therefore you decorate the room with all the favorite sport team accessories and merchandise or simply put baseball sheets or any stuffed ball.

Bold color theme

a. Navy Blue-ish

baby boy nursery room ideas

Karla Dreyer Design

This design example uses orange and bright blue furniture and put into one. The mix of these two bright colors surprisingly creates such a unique combination. These colors also could uplift the mood for both the baby and the parents.

b) Navy Blue-ish 

newborn baby boy room decorating ideas

SuzAnn Kletzien Design

Sometimes, instead of using calming blue, you might also want to try it a little bit edgy by painting the wall in a navy blue color. It might be a little bold, but any shade of blue could never go wrong!

Calming color theme

a. Crème

baby boy room curtain ideas


When you want to go a bit minimalist but with the touch of traditionalism, this crème theme color room would make you and the baby happy. You can mix the color with a golden wall lamp or any white furniture to make some transitions.

b. White

baby boy room curtain ideas


You can never go wrong with anything white, especially for baby rooms. White is a neutral element of color that goes with any furniture. But for the best result, you might want to go also with neutral-colored or material decorations.

c. Tan

twin baby boy room ideas

Simply Spaces Interiors

All-time classic. This color is for the parents who would want to do it traditionally. Just don’t forget to put a different shade of colored decoration so the tan would not be too dull.

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Easy Decorating Ideas For Baby Boy Room (For Budget Limited Family)

Easy Decorating Ideas For Baby Boy Room

Not all of us can afford every piece of furniture. You don’t have to worry, because there are many ways to keep in budget and still decorate the room well. You can reuse some old furniture from one of your best friends’ babies, siblings’, or even your child before this little one popped out to the world. Here are things you could do to decorate the room in the budget.

List up basic necessities

cool baby boy room ideas,

Essential furniture should be on your top priorities when it comes to decorating in the budget. Grab a pen and a paper, and start listing up the “must-have” furniture. This way, you will be wiser in spending money for the baby room decoration.

Create a mood board

baby boy and girl room ideas

Mood board keeps you on check-in terms of color coordination to match up between the furniture and the room. You can download some furniture that you have chosen for the room decoration and see if they fit or not. Don’t forget to put the color of the room wall in the background of your mood board.

Do not forget old stuff!

baby boy room ideas hunting

Old stuff means precious treasure! Ask one of your siblings if they still have an old exquisite quality crib or a comfortable rocking chair. Or maybe you forgot that you have one in your storage. You can do a little DIY project to renew the furniture to make it look like a brand new one.

Decorate the room (old furnishing could also be nice as the decoration for

unique baby boy room ideas

Old furnishing with good taste is definitely something else. The vibe it gives could make the room more classic. Don’t forget to stroll down to any flea market to find that one treasure.


Decorating a baby boy’s room needs a little more effort. But it will be worth every second of your time. The thing that you need to remember and note down is that whichever furniture or color theme that you choose for the room, your baby’s comfort should be at the top priority. After all, all the effort you do is to make the room feels nice to stay.

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