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Country Bedroom Ideas (Tips & Best Color for Country Room)

Country Bedroom Ideas – Take a combination of a farm living, old timey memorabilia, and old fashioned details, then you feel like living in a countryside. Casual comfort is what a country style attempts to bring. A country style in this era seems to be less cluttered and more polished furniture used while serenity and purity are still two best words to describe  the objectives of a country style revamp. Country style is amazingly adaptable with some basic design strategies, layout organization that define the aesthetics of living in a country.

Country bedroom is orienting towards comfort, thus any elements that enhance coziness of the room would be worth applying. Those elements include furniture and decor ornaments. Furniture, starting from its layout to the material used, defines what it means by a snug bedroom. What’s more is the decor details that create a statement of living in a country – simple and elegant.

What Is A Country Style?

What is a coutry style
Picture by : Riverbend Timber Framing

Urban people living in a hectic modern lifestyle would definitely treasure the country living where fresh air is abundant and antique decor brings back memories of old times. If you long for such things, you may opt for a country style for room design. It is both warm and inviting that you would never get bored staying in your space. What does a country style actually mean? This  style is basically adhering the best tradition perpetuated in one area. The most prominent country styles are American, English and French – each is unique and has a signature style. Nonetheless, many of these styles share common elements to be generally called a country style.

Rustic Furnishing

What makes a country style? Worn finishing on its furniture items is one way to create an old time look, while having pristine or rustic materials can be a good option too. The basic principle for its furniture is that it looks traditional by limiting modern appliances to stand out. Although it might be difficult not to have those items in our room, most especially in this ever changing era, it is better to conceal them. Think of an idea having a built-in shelf made of logs and stone to put a TV set or store modern items in it. Rustic style furniture embodies natural elements in a country style – creating an elegant and cozy ambience for its dwellers.

Country Atmosphere

The atmosphere being brought in a country style focuses on creating  coziness and tranquility thanks to the pleasing palette and simple memorabilia decorating the room. A great idea to create an atmosphere being in a cottage of the countryside is to inlay the floor with stone or wooden parquet. Another possible way, although not much applicable in many rooms, is having a high ceiling and decorate with chandelier or ornamental beams.

Natural Materials

Country style is pristine, ,making the room centred on the most natural materials incorporated in almost all elements in the room. Start from inlaying the floor with stone or wood to furniture that would mostly use logs. Walls can be covered with floral decor that would bring us back to the time where floral patterns were trending. Decoration should look simple and elegant, if possible antique. It creates the old time vibes.

Smoothing Palette

For the color scheme, opt for smoothing palette which means not going beyond natural combinations soft colors. Go for calming blue or cream. White is also the most neutral color you can apply. With this neural color scheme applied, you can have generally darker furniture and decoration items that would create elegance.

Vintage Decor

Decorate with antiques and avoid polished decor. Farmhouse items such worn look frames or old-timey chandelier could be a great option. For some more ideas you can visit flea markets to find some old time memorabilia. Another way is to repaint the old items to add the impression of being in the countryside, far  from the hectic modern lifestyle.

Best Color for Country Style Bedroom

Country style’s best colors avoid overly bright and creates a sense of nostalgia. It is a mix of calming colors and patterns to adapt to ever changing situations of the dwellers. Hence, this style never goes out of fashion. A country style bedroom includes a variety of pastel shades and creamy colors ranging from orange, yellow, blue, black or burgundy. Basically what should be considered in choosing colors in a country style is that this color exists in nature. Here are some best colors you can plump for.

Soft Cream

Best Color for Country Style Bedroom
Picture by : Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc.

This soft cream color looks natural and brings in the vibe of a country home. As the wall color is neutral, more different and conspicuous colors can be added into the whole scheme. Different patterns and color accents befit the room in such a way that creates comfort.

Calming Yellow

Best Color for Country Style Bedroom
Picture by : Resa’s Home Interiors

With some statement-making furniture items, this room is perfectly wrapped in calming yellow paint. The furniture and drapes in dark colors blend well with yellow color scheme, making it look traditional and familial.


Best Color for Country Style Bedroom
Picture by : Pinemar, Inc

White never fails to work with any style and it goes well with other colors applied in most furniture items used. The white wall will suit any colors and decor items. Consider calming white instead of bright white to create the relaxed atmosphere in the room.

Dark Green

Best Color for Country Style Bedroom
Picture by : Elevation Design Group

The dark beige is another alternative you may want to select to create a dark and homey look of the room. Enhanced with wood bed frames, the whole look of the room would bring us back to childhood living in a farm.

Country Bedroom Ideas

The country style simply means classic decoration, with the orientation of being in old time. But, what counts today’s country style? This decor is versatile, being casual yet inviting. For your private space, there are loads of ways to create a country look room

that are up to date to the now and here concept. Here are some ways you can inspire.

Cottage Style

Picture by : Danielle Trippett Interior Design

This bedroom is mainly styled in farmhouse, living cozy charm of a cottage cool bedroom. This classic look features simplicity in limited colors such as dark wood furniture, white ceiling and pastel shades on its ornaments – simple and elegant.


Country Bedroom Ideas
Source : houzz.com

The beige wall paint defines the country look of this couple room, while the ornaments make it look rustic. See how wooden bench and flooring fit perfectly the red knitted blanket.

Rustic Country Bedroom Ideas

Country Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Wolstenholme Associates, LLC

The chandelier and ancient bench are two ornaments making it have a country vibe. The idea of having a worn brick wall is genius, making it look charming and inviting. The whole concept with its attic ceiling creates an airy look of the room.

Vintage Country Bedroom Ideas

Picture by : Elevation Design Group

This room is a typical cottage you will find in the countryside or coastal area. The old style furniture items as seen on the bed frame and worn look wardrobe are conventional. Different floral and stripe patterns enhance its country look.


Country Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Lischkoff Design Planning

The floral print looks adorable to fit the ancient glimpse of the furniture items. The worn-out cement bar on its ceiling turns to look great adorning the room. The country style is seen on the choice of furniture items, well defined chest drawers and bed frame.

Classic Country Bedroom Ideas

Country Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Iqrup + Ritz (India)

A classic country bedroom, stating itself as understated elegance. The wooden accents featured in bedside tables and bed frames make it look cozy and calming. It is then enhanced by the antique and patterned rug.

Parade Country Bedroom Ideas

Country Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Country Joe Homes

This Country Bedroom Ideas experiments the cheerful colors with country style concept. Girls would love this idea – the country style stated in the shape of the bed frame and chest drawers, but playful with some pop colors for its bedding.

French Style

Country Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : P&D Group Sierra Madre

This french style room looks adorable and calming with soft color wall paint. The green color accent on its bed has created a sense of playfulness. The floral patterns are just great to combine with all decorative elements in the room.

Country French Bedroom Ideas

Rustic, elegant and casual – words that best describe a concept of a french country bedroom. This style is said to be inspired by the actual French countryside, specifically Provence. Provencal homes assimilate traditional elements in a refined elegance. Its aim is to bring comfort while being eye-pleased by its natural design. The aesthetics in a french country style is subtly distressing and balances with comfort..

Cottage Style

Picture by : Home Design & Decor Magazine

One characteristic of a french country style is a warm palette; this is what this room offers. This creates a welcoming and warm vibe, making you feel more relaxed. The chandelier seems to be a must-have decor item that completes its look.

Refreshing Blue

Country French Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Sunscape Homes, Inc

The manor blue as its wall paint wraps gently the spacious room. The comfy bedding is the focal point of the room. The cabinet displaying old timey memorabilia beautifies the space without making it too sloppy.

Hill Country

Country French Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc.

Who can resist having a romantic bedroom with this hill view? If you are lucky enough to get one, the whole decor of the room fits its french country style with ancient rug co

vered the floor and vintage chandelier spruces up the ceiling.

All-white with Canopy

Country French Bedroom Ideas
Source : www.houzz.com

The half canopy adds a touch of glamour. Not only does it enhance elegance, it also draws your eye to see a bigger view of the room. This room is an eclectic mix of shabby chic and country style. All in white – so peaceful and relaxed.

Rustic with Fireplace

Country French Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : J.L. Thompson Design Group

What a special combination – pine flooring and ancient white bed frame and fireplace. This rustic design looks roomy for its big furniture items such as bed and arm chairs. Glamorous yet cozy – nothing can beat its homey feeling.

Warm and Cozy

Country French Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Higgins Architects

This room is a typical french country apartment bedroom. The elements making it country look are chandelier, floral patterned rug, and antique furniture items. The fireplace defines comfort and warmth. Spending the nights here in winter is heaven!


Country French Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Do you dare to combine two different wall colors? Blue and green colors match each other and perfect the whole look this country style room. The floral patterns are on its bedding and pillow case – adorable.

Red Accents

Country French Bedroom Ideas
Picture by : Higgins Architects

The red accents on different patterns of its bench, pillow case, and table lamp add a touch of elegance to the soft color wall paint. The brick flooring in earth color creates consolation, making you feel warm all the time.

Country Bedroom Furniture

Curved lines with a touch of natural materials are what country furniture looks like. Different from rustic furniture which tends to be bare natural, country style puts elegance in its design. Wooden chairs and bench would rely much on its upholstery to provide comfort. The design of country furniture looks more vintage than any other styles that require polish. So, for a real country look, remove the sleek modern furniture and replace with old timey items that look everlasting.

Rustic Bed

Country Bedroom Furniture
Source : www.dallasdesignerfurniture.com

For a country style, opt for natural wood colors or white. This bed is in white that looks chic yet luxurious. French country style as seen in this item embodies a soft, airy, and refined elegance in its design.

Dresser with Mirror

Country Bedroom Furniture
Source : curatedinterior.com

To complete the whole look of a french country style in white, dressers would be the best option you can have. There is so much to declutter to create a clean look, so the dressers would help.

Timber Bedside Table

Country Bedroom Furniture
Source : st.hzcdn.com

Bedside tables can create a harmony with the other furniture items. This bedside table, together with other furniture enhances the elegance to your french country bedroom.

American Style Wardrobe

Country Bedroom Furniture
Source : ae01.alicdn.com

A vintage item in a french country style bedroom would be the best choice to suffice the room’s furniture. It gives off much value to have a vintage furniture in a bedroom.

Country Bedroom Wall Decor

Give your plain wall a touch of a country style. You may want to start by experimenting with home decor that chimes in the country look. Those details should be simple, vintage, and revolve around natural elements. We have garnered a few simple wall decors that can be applied to your country bedroom plan.

Rustic Mirror

Source : www.melodymaison.co.uk

The rustic mirror is just an addition to making your room look more natural. You may want to select the tall mirror to give a vertical effect of the room and its reflection. Simply put it on the floor and your mirror is ready to reflect the whole room.

Barnwood Frames

Source : i2.wp.com/www.remodelaholic.com

To turn a boring wall into an interesting side you can stare in a bedroom, have some barnwood frames. Another option is a shabby chic frames that show childhood photos. What a wonderful way to cherish the old time.

Wooden Shelf

Source : wunderlin.co

If you are thinking to put more nature into the room, have a wooden shelf installed in some parts of the wall. You can put real flowers or small plants in a vase and put them on that shelf.

Classic Table Nightstand

Source : www.houzz.com

Having floral prints on one side of the wall is a brilliant idea to boost the country style effect of the small room. While floral patterns are generally small in size, this big flowers prints are also great – being elegant and bold.

More Country Bedroom Ideas

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Conclusion of Country Bedroom Ideas

If you are longing for a country vibe, you’ll be in love with the classic and vintage motifs. A country bedroom style is elegant and everlasting with the presence of old time furniture and knicknacks. Aesthetics is its priority and being casual is how this style has adapted to today’s lifestyle. Why country style is the perfect option for your bedroom design? It creates balance between comfort and beauty – impeccable.